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A puzzling adventure for young detectives


The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency is on the case! Capture clever criminals in 19th Century London with a young Ada Lovelace (the world's first programmer), Mary Shelley and Charles Dickens in this educational adventure for players aged 9 & up.

Based on the bestselling book series, The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency dives into the fascinating time period of the Regency Era with over 20 thrilling mysteries. Hone your detective skills as you search historical London for witnesses and clues. Program the world's first computer to crack cases. Put your puzzling skills to the test with quizzes and machine repairs. Explore Ada's new Steamophone invention to play music in AR. Become inspired as you learn about famous (and forgotten) female inventors, authors, scientists and explorers of the era.

Complete with clever mysteries and a fascinating historical world to explore, The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency is set to inspire a new generation of scientists, detectives and inventors.



  • Over 20 original mysteries written by the author of the Wollstonecraft book series
  • 20+ hours of story-based gameplay, plus endlessly replayable content
  • Explore beautifully detailed neighbourhoods in London for clues
  • Learn to code on Ada's bleh machine (based on the world's first computer)
  • Multiple Mini Activities: Hidden Object Search, Repair Puzzles and Pop Quizzlers
  • Over 100 new vocabulary words and history facts to discover and collect
  • Historical content with a focus on famous female scientists of the Regency era
  • Unlock new areas and achievements
  • Track progress with a detective leveling system
  • Collect and play tracks on Ada's AR Music Machine

Explore London to Collect Clues

  • Search famous neighbourhoods in London for clues
  • Locate missing objects in beautifully detailed environments
  • Talk to a colourful cast of characters for information

Learn Coding Concepts

  • Explore the fundamentals of computer science and learn how to define variables
  • See how coding can solve complex problems
  • Understand the principles of binary
  • Learn about the world's first computing machine
  • See the history behind programming

Use Inventions & Solve Puzzles

  • Test history and vocabulary skills with Quizzlers
  • Repair broken steam inventions
  • Use Ada's prototype computer to track down suspects, hideouts and more!
  • Create music using Ada's AR device

Grow Reading Comprehension

  • Play through 23 exciting mysteries
  • Talk to the inhabitants of London to learn about the Regency era
  • Collect new words for your dictionary
  • Interview people for clues

Explore History

  • Investigate 19th Century London to learn about famous people, places and things
  • Collect and get quizzed on historical facts
  • Work directly with famous figures of the Regency era
  • Solve mysteries connected to history

Use Ada's AR Music Machine

  • Explore Ada's machine in augmented reality
  • Mix tracks to create your own music
  • Unlock new music tracks

About the Series

The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency began as a book series in 2012 after a record-setting Kickstarter campaign in children's literature. Created to celebrate girls in STEM, Jordan Stratford's series follows the fictional adventures of a young Mary Shelley and Ada Lovelace. It has received critical acclaim for its delightful storytelling and clever combining of mystery, history and science. Currently, four books are published with Penguin Random House, and more are on the way!

In 2016, Stratford partnered with Hololabs to create a mystery adventure game to accompany the book series. With funding from the Canada Media Fund, the game features the same wonderful cast of characters, a multitude of puzzles, and of course, the same signature blend of science, invention and intrigue as the book series.

About Ada Byron (Lovelace)

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), born Ada Byron, was the world’s first programmer. A brilliant mathematician, Ada worked on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine - a calculating machine, and early computer. Ada realised that the machine could be used to handle any type of data, so long as it was translated into digits. In an article published in 1843, Ada understood that computers would eventually be used to create music, art, and help further scientific research.

About Mary Godwin (Shelley)

Mary Godwin Shelley (1797-1851) was the daughter of famous feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft, and philosopher William Godwin. Growing up in Somers Town in north London, Mary was naturally adventurous, and always an avid reader. She is credited with writing the world’s first science fiction novel, "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus" during a famous weekend in Switzerland with Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and vampire novelist, Dr. John Polidori. After Percy’s death in 1822, Mary returned to London where she continued a successful writing career.

About the Regency Era

The Regency Era was a period in English history where the son of King George III took over as Prince Regent after his father became too ill to rule. The Regency lasted from from 1811 to 1820, although some historians have extended this period to 1837, when Queen Victoria took the throne.

The era is regarded as a prosperous time for art, science and technology. Numerous public works sprang from the patronage of the upper class, and the wide circulation of reading materials (thanks to the invention of the steam printing press) whetted public appetite for science and invention. In this time period, it was not uncommon to find backyard inventors building hot air balloons, experimenting with electricity and exploring the night sky with a telescope.



The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency Trailer

Interview with Author

Interview with Jordan Stratford (author of the Wollstonecraft book series)

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The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency - 30s Intro Trailer

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The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency - 30s Gameplay Trailer


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