Ada’s Augmented Music Machine

Ada has a musical new invention for you to try! With her new Steamophone you can mix and match music tracks in augmented reality to create a symphony of your very own! Just follow Ada’s instructions below to begin! (And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for new music tracks hidden around London.)

  1. Download and print the pdf
  2. Place the target image face-up on a flat surface.
  3. Launch the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency app and tap on a music machine (Steamophone) in any neighbourhood to open the AR activity.
  4. Point the device camera at the target image. The Steamophone will appear on your screen.


HINT: You can also point your device at another screen! Tell your other detective friend to show the image on their tablet.


Your secret image marker should look like this:

The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency
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