A puzzling adventure for young detectives


About the Game

Head back to 1820's London to join the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency, a clandestine organization created by two incredibly clever girls - the young Ada Lovelace, who we now know as the first computer programmer, and Mary Shelly who will go on to write Frankenstein.

Join the agency as a new recruit, and help Ada and Mary through a series of puzzles, games, and challenges as they help solve mysteries for the detective agency. Explore the Regency-era neighborhoods of London, full of curious characters, whimsical events and steampunk contraptions. Learn about a fascinating time in history, when numerous technological innovations occurred. Prowl the streets in search of informants, crack codes, master puzzles, find hidden objects, solve the clues, reveal the mystery, and foil the criminals at every turn.


Based on the book series by Jordan Stratford


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